“For more than 10 years, my family has been patients of Dr. Bartoo Martin. My son became a patient at the age of 3. I could have chosen a pediatric dentist, but Dr. Martin and his staff were so gentle and patient with Sam that it wasn’t necessary. Dr. Martin’s staff are professional and the atmosphere in his office is relaxed. Even though my schedule as a healthcare provider is difficult at times, they have been able to accommodate me. Recently I have suffered with sleep issues. It was recommended that I have a medical workup for apnea. Dr. Martin suggested the Myerson EMA device and after some investigation I decided to try it. I was amazed that after the first night my symptoms (including snoring, sore throat and morning headaches) were completely resolved. I won’t take a nap without the device. I highly recommend Dr. Martin’s practice to my colleagues and family.”


Lorry C., Black Mountain


“I was asking around for a dentist in the Asheville area to fix my crooked front teeth. After I broke off my front tooth I knew it was time. I was referred to Dr. Martin by a friend who is a patient of his. I contacted his office first and made my appointment. Right away, I was relaxed and felt special with Dr. Martin and his staff. To me, first impressions is the first step. From there on, I made up my mind it was time to get my dental work done. I was really nervous that morning. I have never in my life had any serious work done except regular check-ups, fillings and crowns. So to go thru this serious dental work was huge for me. I arrived that morning when I sat down in the dental chair I knew I could not escape. Their kindness and caring at the time of my procedure was exceptional. I was relaxed and calm with their smiles and caring attitude. I got thru the dental procedure with ease. I am absolutely so satisfied with my new smile. My teeth are so natural that you cannot tell that I have veneers. I want to thank Dr. Martin and his staff for such an excellent “5 star” experience. Dr. Martin’s expertise and concerns out weighs any past experience I have had in any dental office. Dr. Martin and his professional staff are “THE BEST”.”

Sylvia., Weaverville



rectorkids_nWanted to share a quote from some of our favorite patients …they took this picture prior to coming in… “Whoever said that going to the dentist isn’t fun has never been to OUR dentist because they are amazing!” Thank you Rector Family!! We love you guys too.



“Bad experiences with past dentist have kept me from care for more than a decade, so the work to be done was broad…. And I was terrified to even walk in the door for my first appointment. None of the staff judged me at all, all were kind and helpful.”

When the day for major work was approaching, every effort was made to understand my fear and do what could be done to respond, reassure and support.”

The major work was surprisingly gentle, was handled as efficiently as possible and completed in one sitting. I can not recommend this dental practice highly enough!”

C.L., Asheville